Our Services

IT Solution & Services

- IT procurement & logistics service

We can simplifies global IT procurement & logistics complex process, support from quotation, delivery to billing. And offers:

•​a single point of contact and accountability
•an e-procurement portal that can be integrated with other systems
•one tracking system for monitoring and reporting
•advice, expertise and experience in global IT supply chain management
•relationships and service level agreements with IT vendors and carriers – globally

- Consulting & Professional Services

Our professionals around the world advise you on optimal ways to use technology and services to transform your ICT environment and achieve higher levels of innovation.

We help you develop a strategic roadmap that aligns your IT strategy and investments to your business priorities.

- IT outsource

We can help you inject more agility and flexibility into your business model by delivering IT outsourcing services that encompass the network, data centre and cloud services, end-user support and contact centre.

- Support Services

Our support services combined with our contract aggregation capabilities and monitoring services, provide a portfolio of flexible service products and options to ensure that your ICT estate is properly covered.

These services offer you predictable costs and a framework for efficient resource allocation, while protecting your business from risk and the unwelcome expense of downtime.